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Qumei Introduction

Established in 1993, Qumei Home Furnishings Group Co.,Ltd. is a leading large-scale and standardized furniture group in China and integrated with designing, manufacturing and marketing. It works to offer integrated household solutions for consumers by following the concept of ’design makes life better’ and combining the world’s excellent designer team and world’s famous design institutes. It has become a furniture brand that has the best design in China with ’Simple, Fashion and Modern’ as its style.

For over 25 years, Qumei has been designing and manufacturing different kinds of indoor furnishings. Qumei was started and also become famous for it’s plywood and solid wood bending techniques, and being a leader in that field in the Chinese furniture industry.

Our name Qumei refers to the ‘beauty of the curves’, but indeed also to the techniques we have and the expression of a simple but elegant lifestyle we share. For this, you will know our designs and brands.

Qumei also focused on setting up and extending its manufactories, and building standardized production lines. Until now, Qumei has 4 factories , 400,0000 square meters in total. 80% high techniques are imported from Germany and Italy. Severe quality control system, efficient technical team, advanced manufacture facilities, outstanding production process, strict environmental protection responsibility have also led Qumei to be one of the highest level furniture manufacturer in China.


Our showroom outlook was upgraded in May 2014. The new exterior and interior are matched with Qumei’s principles-’Simple, Fashion and Modern’ . On the other hand, the new flagship showrooms made Qumei stand out at that moment. The lay out was new concept in furniture industry of China in that age. Until now, we have been updated the interior and customer services to serve great experience for customers.

On 13rd, April,2015 Qumei Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as QM Home Furnishings) published the prospectus; on 22nd, April, QM Home Furnishings (ticker symbol: 603818) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Manufacturing technique

Plywood bending and solid wood bending techniques transforms the original texture structure of wood. Intensity of compressed wood is 1.6 times higher than that of solid wood, and the bearing capacity of stressed member of furniture is increased by 3-4 times.Under normal working conditions, the service life of bentwood furniture  is as high as 50 years.

Our water paint coating was applied in all lines of products in QUMEI in June 2014, and green and healthy concept was upgraded,which not only provides more environmental and healthy furniture of high quality for its consumers, but also promotes the coordinated development of China ’s economy and environment.

Today, Qumei remains committed to the early principles of the company … that great quality, stylish furniture does not need to be expensive and should be available to everyone. A visit to one of our stores and you’ll see just how committed we are to that idea.